Built-in guarantee for sound transparency: DEKOZELL® Acoustic Finish supersmooth An unique acoustic rendering completely diffrent from all other standard acoustic plasters: o DEKOZELL® Acoustic Finish supersmooth is made from celluluose fibres instead from porous rocks or expanded glass granules which contain usually typical binder agents like gypsum or polymeric resin to glue all the ingredients together. o Since there is no typical binder agent involved, there is nothing that can block the sound transparency during the application or during the sanding process of the DEKOZELL® Acoustic Finish supersmooth. Can be easily and reliably colourized completely in one colour using just standard dispersion interior paint: o Only a certain amount of pigment is nedded to cover all cellulose fibers and colorize them. Any additional amount of paint does not change the color anymore since all cellulose fibers are already saturated with pigment. o Think about DEKOZELL® Acoustic Finish as an transparent colorless compound. If you want to achieve a white rendering, white paint needs to be added when DEKOZELL® Acoustic Finish is mixed up with water according to recipe. However, if for example a green finish is desired, simply add green paint instead of white. Incredibly easy one-man application of DEKOZELL® Acoustic Finish - even on bigger surface areas: o Since there is no typical binder agent involved, it takes several hours until the hardening process of the rendering starts. Just using a mobile scaffold, a single person can apply the acoustic coating completely alone even on bigger surface areas. o Since the sanding process will be applied after drying anyway, trowel marks are no problem at all. The dust free polish sanding at the end is also used for renovation purpose. o There is no other acoustic rendering on the marked which has solved the typical renovation problem of seamless acoustic solution so elegantly easy, dust free and so sustainable - even a recoating is easily possible.
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