Ideal System for long distance shipment and storage: The rigid and durable ROBUST acoustic boards are not affedted by compression during transport and storage. Therefore, the exeptional good performance on sound absorption will be not affected by transport or storage. The DEKOZELL® Acoustic Finish supersmooth is shipped as a dry powder component. Tested storage time is more than 10 years! Since coloring is done also directly during usage on site, the sound transparent rendering is always immediately available at any color at the local dealer - no arising delays due to shipping. If adhesive tile mortar is bought locally, only two components with virtually unlimited storage time need to be shipped from Germany: the rigid acoustic panels of sintered inorganic expanded glass beads and the dry powder of the DEKOZELL® Acoustic Finish supersmooth. Therefore usually cost effective and safe container shipment is used. Please contact us for further details on your local distribution partner - or for any direct inquiries on project level basis.
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