An unique acoustic board with exceptional qualities: Made from recycled glass which is processed to form expanded granules during the manufacturing process. To manufacture the acoustic panel, the granules are fused together through a heating process and without the use of any binders. Each of the many granules in one acoustic board acts as an acoustic absorber on it’s own. With a sound absorption rate of 95% it is the most effective acoustic board on the market which achieves Germanys highest fire safety class A1: non-flammable since made from 100% recycled glass suitable for outdoor and indoor applications: o outdoor weather affected areas o high fire safety areas o tunnels o vent shafts as well as vent exits
o railway stations, rail tunnels o in town rail tracks o exit ways o airports
for indoor applictions seamless rendering with DEKOZELL® Acoustic Finish supersmooth  resistant to: weather, water, UV-pollution, chlorides and potassium, therefore very suitable for application in coastal areas completely free of mineral fibres non-combustible and free from outgasing impact resistant (flying ball proof) easy to install: very similar to laying standard ceramic tiles easy to cut: with standard wood cutting equipment sound absorption rate of 95% standard board dimensions (625x625x50)mm, one side with chamfered edges (the chamfered edgesare used at the front side for cost effective installations without seamless rendering
o machinery enclosures o parking exits o smoking areas o stairwells
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