Jointless lamination of perforated plasterboard panels

The best half for your smooth heating/cooling acoustic ceiling.

  • Ideal for climate-controlled ceilings
    • Whether Knauf, Siniat or Rigips: DEKOZELL GK-LOCH goes on every perforated board ceiling.
    • A huge advantage. Any climate-controlled ceiling based on a perforated gypsum board becomes a seamless, smooth heating/cooling/acoustic ceiling. It’s very simple: the perforated ceiling is supplied separately by whoever and is handed over to the painter Q2 levelled.
    • And we supply the part for the sound-transparent lamination of the holes, so from an acoustic point of view “only” the visual part. But then we play it safe as a system:
    • insulating primer, highly water-resistant dispersion adhesive, acoustic plaster base fleece and the sound-transparent acoustic spray filler. 
  • Flying-Ball-proof – the impossible becomes possible
    • A suspended ball-proof acoustic plaster ceiling? As a hybrid system, we make the impossible possible for you. The extremely crack-bridging effect of our natural fibres turns the acoustic plaster into a protective shield for the ceiling, which Knauf, for example, provides with its construction as a ball impact-resistant substructure with the perforated panel.
    • In sports and multi-purpose halls, this enables acoustic effectiveness with particular stability. High-quality perforation-free, robust for football and elegant for concerts. Sport free! Quite normal for us, a nightmare for other acoustic plaster manufacturers. We are acoustic plaster. With us, even sport(ing) rooms can be. 
  • Safer by clear separation of trades
    • The best way forward is for everyone to take care of “their own”. As a “half system”, this works really well with DEKOZELL GK-Loch: the drywall builder builds his perforated ceiling and hands it over to the painter on Q2 for the DEKOZELL part.
    • The heating engineer lays the Aquatherm Black heating/cooling registers before screwing on the perforated panels – with the patented Aquatherm quick connectors.
  • Dust-free renovation
    • Over the years, the perforation pattern will sooner or later become visible due to possible flow-through effects. Never mind. Simply sand away these dust deposits with our dust-free renovation sanding process.
    • Especially with heated and chilled acoustic ceilings, it is extremely important to be able to renovate them repeatedly in the long term. 
1. Types of utilisation

DIN 18041 (audibility in small and medium-sized rooms) distinguishes between different types of room utilisation. When a room is used for making music, a certain amount of reverberation is desirable so that the room “carries” the sounds. If the room is used for speech, two people can have a reasonable conversation, but if there are many children in the room, the individual sound pressure levels quickly add up again. If a room is used for normal school lessons or as a kindergarten room, the requirements for the amount of sound absorber capacity to be installed are correspondingly higher. However, a compromise often has to be found between the reverberation time to be achieved and the actual structural possibilities.
We would be happy to advise you on this for your specific project, including solutions from other manufacturers.

Overview of the categorisation of types of use


  • Music classroom with active music-making and singing;
  • Council and banqueting hall for musical performances.


  • Courtroom and council chamber
  • Community hall, meeting room
  • Music rehearsal room in music schools or similar
  • Sports hall and swimming pool with an audience


  • Classroom (except for music);
  • Music classroom with audiovisual presentation
  • Group rooms in kindergartens and day care centres, day care centres for the elderly
  • Seminar room, interaction room
  • Lecture theatre
  • Room for tele-teaching
  • Meeting room, conference room
  • Performance room for electro-acoustic use only

Sport 1

  • Sports halls and swimming pools without an audience for normal use and/or single class operation (one class or sports group, standardised communication content)

Sport 2

  • Sports halls and swimming pools without an audience for multiple classes
2. acoustically open window A o.F.

In order to reduce the reverberation time in a room to a certain value, a corresponding amount of so-called “acoustically open window” must be installed. This is an arithmetical auxiliary value that is specified in virtual square metres. A large window front that can be opened completely is an almost sound-reflecting surface when closed. When open, however, precisely this window surface forms an “acoustically open window” from an acoustic point of view – even with an efficiency (sound absorption coefficient) of 100%! In order to reduce the reverberation time in the room to an appropriate level, a corresponding amount of “acoustically open window” must also be installed in the room – strategically distributed throughout the room. The calculation value for the acoustically open window results from the sum of all sound-absorbing surfaces in the room, which have previously been multiplied by their respective sound absorption coefficient. We would be happy to advise you on this for your specific project, including solutions from other manufacturers.

3. Reverberation time T N-set

The reverberation time is the measurement by which you can judge the “reverberation” of a room. If a loud bang is produced in a room (e.g. by clapping your hands vigorously), you can almost count how long it takes for the reverberation to subside if the reverberation time is longer than 1.5 seconds. The eardrum in the human ear has a moment of inertia of approximately 0.7 seconds. Accordingly, reverberation times of more than 0.7 seconds are usually perceived as quite reverberant, while reverberation times of less than 0.7 seconds are much more pleasant. However, the actual target reverberation time for a room depends on its volume and the planned type of use for the room. Please use the acoustics calculator above. We would be happy to advise you on this for your specific property, including solutions from other manufacturers.

Professionally, the reverberation time is determined using appropriate sound pressure level measuring devices that measure the decay of the reverberation in the room. In simpler cases, the sound pressure level required for the measurement is generated by a shot from a shotgun or the bang of a starter flap, such as is used in a 100m race. In professional measurements, which also measure individual frequencies individually, special loudspeakers are set up in the room (so-called dodecahedrons), through which the room is filled with special noise. The decay time of the sound pressure level generated by the noise in the room is then measured. Should such a measurement be necessary, we will be happy to help you find a professional room acoustician.

Renovability makes the difference

Repair. Renovate. Only we can. And you.

Ease of renovation is extremely important, especially on perforated plasterboard panels: the permanent flow of air through the acoustic plaster layer at the holes creates a filter effect which, over time, leads to the perforation pattern becoming marked due to dust deposits. This is where DEKOZELL acoustic plaster and DEKOZELL acoustic spray filler really come into their own. Unique and unrivalled.

Other manufacturers only have the multi-layer misting of so-called acoustic paint at their disposal when renovating and repairing. This is quite counterproductive and increasingly seals the absorber. And in terms of dirt, it is comparable to painting a car in an inhabited interior. With DEKOZELL, you can simply sand off the dust deposits using our sanding process. Dust-free and without loss of acoustic performance.

Made for one of the best heating/cooling systems

We call it a ‘half system’ because we actually only supply the visual part to optically ‘cover’ the perforating of the board in a soundtransparent way. The perforated ceiling can come from Knauf, Siniat or Rigips. When it comes to heating/cooling registers, however, we like to see black: because we like the ingeniously simple heating/cooling registers from Aquatherm Black. The Black system from Aquatherm is simply a great fit. It follows the same philosophy as we do: It’s simple, safe and powerful. The Black system is made for simple and particularly safe installation: patented quick connectors for safe pipework, above-average heat transfer rate – what more could you want? The drywall builder, the heating engineer and the painter can all pull together unerringly. That’s what we like.

For us, a perforated ceiling only makes sense as a heating/cooling/acoustic ceiling. If the ceiling should only be able to provide acoustics without heating or cooling, we have our DISTANCE-EASY system. You don’t have to go to the trouble of making holes and then concealing them again.

Renovable – simply dusting in large format

A perforated acoustic plaster ceiling is always built with an all-round OPEN shadow gap. Especially if it is to be a heating/cooling acoustic ceiling. If the substructure is built with an all-round UD profile, this must be one level higher – otherwise it won’t work with AIR-FILLED. If holes do appear over the years due to possible dust deposits, the painter simply removes the dirt with our virtually dust-free polishing. You don’t always paint over your cupboards at home just because there is dust on them. Other acoustic plaster manufacturers can’t sand, they would clog up acoustically. This is how the fairy tale of acoustic paint was invented. And it doesn’t end well acoustically. Instead of sealing with paint, we simply dust. In large format.

With a net and a double bottom

Sometimes things get pretty chaotic in the property business. Emergency lighting forgotten, water pipes drilled into, access panels incorrectly positioned, invisible loudspeaker not properly connected? There’s always something. But even if the ship rams into the iceberg: No need to panic – a DEKOZELL acoustic ceiling can be invisibly repaired! Repairability is actually a MUST for such a structurally complex masterpiece as a seamless heating/cooling acoustic ceiling.

A DEKOZELL ceiling in the color white can also be repaired in the middle of the surface. Absolutely invisible. Even if you know where the repair was, you won’t see it if it’s done correctly. Of course, this is just in case, if necessary – after all, nothing ever goes wrong on large construction sites.

Let us convince you
and inspire you.


Let us advise you

Talk to our Dekozell specialists. We “only” make seamless acoustic plaster systems, but we do it uniquely well and with enthusiasm. And we go the extra mile for you to find the best solution for your project.

Request a free sample

Only your professional judgement decides. So request your product sample from us and take the Dekozell quality check into your own hands. We will ensure that you receive your sample as quickly as possible.

„As experts for good sound in a room, a pleasant, natural acoustic atmosphere is essential for us. We advise our customers holistically, with the most suitable absorber solutions for the room and customer. Whether using our invisible loudspeakers SONUS INTARA, which can also be easily accessed again, or the impressive 5,000 square meters of wall and ceiling in the Kunst-Museum Reinhardt Ernst. If you want seamless invisibility, we can warmly recommend DEKOZELL.“

Joachim Kistner, Managing Director
SONUS Acoustic Solutions, Baden-Baden

„We develop tools for creative people to optimize spaces such as recording studio control rooms, recording rooms or concert halls. In 2012, we were looking for a seamless acoustic plaster solution for the redesign of control room 7 at ORF Vienna. All of the competing systems could not be repaired and the trickling onto the expensive sound technology was also unacceptable. With DEKOZELL, we have had a capable acoustic plaster partner ever since.“

Peter Willensdorfer, Managing Director
tonarchitektur Willensdorfer, Vienna

„We build atmosphere for our discerning customers. Mainly for high-quality residential buildings. We strive for an aesthetic that emphasizes simplicity. Rough and sensitive acoustic plaster ceilings have always caused us problems. DEKOZELL, on the other hand, is simple, beautiful and smooth. And gives us a new freedom in design.“

Georg Weber, Architect
Hillekamp & Weber Architecture Studio, Mönchengladbach

„We have already worked with almost all acoustic plaster manufacturers. DEKOZELL was a game changer for us. Absolutely invisible repairs and the very special feel of the surface convinced us completely. Today, we have more than 30 people working on the acoustic spray filler and use several spraying machines.“

Jörg Held, Managing Director
Steuernagel & Lampert, Painting company, Groß-Bieberau

„Acoustic plaster is a top priority for me. Because DEKOZELL acoustic plaster systems are usually included in the painting tender, I have already received several villa projects as a complete order. Sanding really does the trick. Difficult installation situations or quick repairs are no problem. I also really like the DEKOZELL sealant for the edge connection, which looks exactly right.“

Peter Rumohr, Master Painter
Malerwerkstätte Rumohr, Krefeld

„We create color concepts and develop extraordinary surfaces with sensitivity and aesthetics surfaces that emphasize uniqueness. Room acoustics are a central theme here. In DEKOZELL, we have found a partner with whom we can meet the high demands of our customers.“

Harald Jehle, Master of Colors
polychrom Jehle, Weingarten

„We have been processing DEKOZELL for many years now. As a two-man business, we can therefore get involved in what is an extremely interesting and lucrative market for us.“

Hermann Kilgus, Master Painter
Kilgus Painting and Varnishing company, Leutkirch

„I was highly skeptical at the beginning. Our customer wanted FLEXOPANEL on the ceiling and on a large wall. We’d never done that before. Through WhatsApp video calls and top work instructions, we grew into it step by step. We are delighted with the result. And so was the customer.“

Enes Zhegerova, Fabricator
Dietrich Plasterer & Color Design, Wüstenrot

DEKOZELL® Acoustic plaster systems

The right system for every project.

The well thought-out variety of our systems enables perfect room acoustics to be seamlessly integrated into all conceivable buildings, halls and rooms. Configure your DEKOZELL acoustic plaster system according to your requirements. If you do not know exactly which system is suitable, we will be happy to help you.

DEKOZELL® System Distance Easy



No hole marking, super easy installation, very good acoustics, with ceiling cavity. Simply more beautiful and discreet hanging.

DEKOZELL® System Flexopanel



Our best-selling system: very flat, light as a feather, uniquely sound absorbing. Simply wallpaper walls and ceilings, even in swimming pools.



Heating & Cooling Ceiling

Turn any GK perforated panel into a seamlessly smooth heating/cooling acoustic ceiling. Even Flying-ball-proof for sports and multi-purpose halls.

DEKOZELL® System Robust



Flying-ball-proof, even for walls: maximum impact resistance, installation depth of up to 5 cm for spotlights and cables, suitable for swimming pools and weathered outdoor areas.

DEKOZELL® System Maxiswing



Anyone who likes mineral wool will get their money’s worth here. The all-rounder for heat and sound insulation. Up to 5 cm installation depth for spotlights and cables, not suitable for swimming pools or external walls.

DEKOZELL® System Moderat



Prime, spray on, done. Inexpensive, possible on very uneven substrates. For revitalised rough surfaces, popular in brutalist architecture such as the industrial look or on unplastered concrete.


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