Atrium ENSO Energy Saxony

The atrium of the Saxon energy supplier ENSO originally had a conventional mineral acoustic spray plaster on the interior façades. However, due to the extreme temperature differences caused by solar radiation, the spray plaster had always expanded differently than the substrate. This resulted in more and more large areas of spalling, which fell to the ground from a great height with the corresponding weight. This was a similar problem to the use of conventional mineral acoustic spray plasters on concrete-core-activated heating/cooling ceilings.

At a glance

Architect:Thiele Trockenausbau
Client:ENSO Energie Sachsen

720m² refurbished. In the middle of public traffic.
Permanently elastic. Goodbye, spalling.

The only sensible solution to the problem was the principle of DEKOZELL textile technology based on elastic natural fibres. The tightly interlocking fibres form a reinforcement with themselves. This remains elastic and does not form a rigid disc. In February 2010, the mineral acoustic spray plaster was painstakingly removed from 720m² of façade surface, the damaged substrate was levelled over the entire surface with a suitable façade filler – and the DEKOZELL MODERAT acoustic plaster system was applied as an acoustic spray coating. All work was carried out piece by piece from an electric cherry picker. This meant that only small sections of the atrium had to be blocked off. As DEKOZELL acoustic plasters can also be applied with a break without any build-up, a homogeneous textured final surface was guaranteed from the outset.


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