Vienna Opera

For sound architect Peter Willensdorfer, each of his projects is a symphony of different acoustic solutions. In the Volksoper in Vienna, he used different compositions of sound absorbers for different areas of the building. With convincing results: the FLEXOPANEL system’s layer thickness of just 1 cm eliminated the reflection from the coving. 50% insulation effect with a fairly even absorption curve–that’s what the acoustician likes. And of course, the smooth white final surface.

At a glance

Architect:Peter Willensdorfer
Client:Vienna Opera

For this work there is applause to this day.

The large cove in the second tier acted like a giant parabolic mirror. It reflected the sound energy and thus produced disturbing echoes. Peter Willensdorfer needed 150m² of the DEKOZELL FLEXOPANEL acoustic plaster system for this challenge. The coving was insulated with acoustic plaster to such an extent that the reflections were eliminated. Applied in a thin layer, the insulating plaster does not detract from the visual appearance and is virtually invisible during performances.

Peter Willensdorfer sums up the project best: ‘As this venue has changed from its original use as a spoken theatre to a venue for opera, the acoustic adaptation had to be geared towards the new requirements. The direct sound component was reduced, and the acoustics tuned towards music.’ In short: The solution is an acoustic quantum leap for the Vienna Opera, which today not only stages operas, but also operettas, musicals and ballets. We say thank you very much.


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