Mansion Baden-Württemberg

A ceiling folded several times like origami paper as an architectural highlight–the ceiling then extends to the floor in a final kink as a jamb wall. And all seamlessly moulded from a single piece of smooth white acoustic coating! Above the dining table, another highlight is the abundance of pendant lights, which seem to come from infinity with their fabric-covered designer cables thanks to the deliberate omission of a cover cap on the ceiling. 

At a glance

Project:Folded ceiling and pendant luminaires
Architect:Kai Kniesel

What won’t fit is made to fit. 

The cables alone would have mercilessly brought any other acoustic plaster to its knees, as the cables always had to be reworked as an ‘obstacle’ from start to finish. However, as we can sand the DEKOZELL acoustic spray plaster, the cables were simply a task of diligence. In this project, the FLEXOPANELS were run right into the kink points. 

In similar projects today, all kink points are first formed with rigid passe-partout strips made of 9.5 mm plasterboard and pre-sealed with a sealant specially developed by us as an internal seam. In this way, we achieve complete processing reliability right from the start, even with such complicated geometries.  

The entire mansion was coated with the DEKOZELL FLEXOPANEL acoustic plaster system by a single person, without any surface scaffolding. This would not have been possible at all with the acoustic smooth coatings of competitors. 


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