ORF Vienna, Regieplatz 7

Peter Willensdorfer is an architect, acoustician, and inventor all in one. When he came across DEKOZELL in 2013, he was actively looking for an acoustic plaster that did not have the annoying trickling behaviour. His recording studio customers don’t like the mineral grains of conventional mineral-based acoustic plasters, especially not in the sliders of their expensive equipment. In addition, the architecture required an acoustic plaster for walls that could withstand the turbulent everyday studio life with high public and technician traffic.  

At a glance

System:Hybrid system
Project:255m² suspended ceiling and walls  
15mm Sto acoustic panel 
Caruso-Isobound backing
Architect:Peter Willensdorfer
Client:Austrian Broadcasting Corporation Vienna

High-end hybrid system for Europe’s most modern HD studio.

With DEKOZELL acoustic plaster, the architect had found what he was looking for. However, he was very happy to combine our acoustic coating as a hybrid system with a competitor’s 15 mm panel. At least at that time, sound waves could flow through it completely, so that he could also utilise the cavity behind the panel acoustically – via a filling of Caruso-Isobound. In the meantime, control rooms 1, 3, 4 and 7 at ORF Vienna have been completely coated with DEKOZELL acoustic plaster. In neutral grey, which benefits the image technology. Control room 7 is now also a focal point during the numerous tours of the broadcasting centre.


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