An acoustic masterpiece from a technical perspective.

A spherical dome with a very tight radius and an even smaller cylinder on top–that’s quite a challenge for a seamless, smooth acoustic plaster system. Originally, a smooth acoustic plaster system from a competitor was in the planning stage, until the practical implementation came closer and closer. This challenge was just right for our FLEXOPANEL system in combination with DEKOZELL acoustic spray filler. We were able to prove what the system is really capable of.

At a glance

Architect:Axthelm Rolvien
Client:FR Immobilienmanagement

The challenge

The well-known acoustic plaster installers from Berlin all cancelled their contracts. They would have needed one man for every 1.5 metres of dome circumference and scaffolding that followed the curve of the dome all the way round. The costs for the small dome would have been immense. The architect then came across us. As it was the first project with such an extreme curve for us, we put ourselves forward as the contractor. One man alone did the entire dome – an absolute impossibility with all the other conventional smooth acoustic plasters used by competitors. The further up you go in a dome like this, the more trapezoidal the individual panel pieces become. The FLEXOPANEL is simply applied like 1 cm thick wallpaper. The dome shape is easy to create thanks to the double-cut option. Then three layers of acoustic spray filler, the third layer completely as a sacrificial layer for sanding. As a first-time installer, a narrow dome – what other acoustic plaster system can do that? 

The solution

The FLEXOPANELS were simply laid in a double cut for this project. Once the panels had been laid, acoustic spray filler for the reinforcement fabric was applied in a thin layer–and the 1m wide fabric was ‘wallpapered’ with herringbone-like incisions. Then came the filler layers. Due to the tight radii, the filler could only be smoothed with many visible trowel strokes. This is precisely why not just two layers of filler were planned from the outset, but a complete third additional layer. After application, this only looked good with “both eyes closed”. However, the three layers of acoustic spray filler ensured that there was an even layer thickness throughout the dome. Using the Mirka DEROS eccentric and 320 grit sandpaper, the dome was then simply sanded to perfection when dry. In two or three places, the sanding went right down to the fabric. Thanks to DEKOZELL, however, this was also unproblematic: the white colour can be touched up invisibly in the middle of the surface.  

The result

A perfect acoustic dome, produced by a single person who had also worked on a three-dimensionally curved surface for the very first time.  


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