Kitchen Studio Böhm GmbH

The kitchen studio Küchen Böhm is THE address in the region when it comes to buying your new dream kitchen at the highest level. When it came to redesigning the showroom, one thing was clear from the outset: it was to be a harmonious work of art. The floor, ceiling and walls should flow together to form an overall visual and functional concept. The painting company Steuernagel & Lampert is based in the same town. It is almost obvious that an acoustic plaster system from DEKOZELL will also be involved.

At a glance

Client:Küchen Böhm GmbH, Groß Biberau
Installer:Steuernagel & Lampert, Groß Biberau

A new kitchen without full steam ahead. 
But with a perfectly regulated climate.

Anthracite and black are currently the absolute trend colours in kitchens. If the ceiling and floor are finished in a dark colour, all extraneous light is initially ‘swallowed up’. However, if something is then specifically illuminated with a spotlight, it shines in all its splendour: tomatoes, courgettes, pasta, and of course pots, glasses and even kitchen furniture. We have created a new full colour for the MODERAT acoustic plaster system especially for Küchenstudio Böhm: Anthracite grey. Anthracite grey cotton fabric was ground up and mixed with a water-soluble starch to create a natural fibre plaster – which can be invisibly touched up at any time if necessary. Together with the dark grey floor, the room forms a perfect passe-partout for the kitchen furniture. We have always had deep black, now we also have anthracite.

In addition to its ability to absorb sound, the cotton of the acoustic plaster has another exciting ‘side effect’: within a fraction of a second, the natural fibre can breathe in hundreds of grams of water vapour –per square metre. The moisture produced during cooking is immediately inhaled by the acoustic plaster before it can condense anywhere as water and perhaps lead to mould in cold corners of the house. Like a tea towel, the ground cotton textile of the acoustic plaster breathes in the water vapour at lightning speed–and later slowly exhales it again. This allows the ventilation system to do its job with complete peace of mind. And the pasta can dance happily steaming in the boiling water.


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